The aim of infoFINIUM as a Business Management Tool is to establish a controlled and auditable processes to share critical business information throughout an organisation, and enforce the right business processes company wide, through automation.

infoFINIUM’s core modules as a Generic Workflow and Electronic Document Management Solution helps organisations document, automate and track processes; handle their compliance needs and process maturity; to minimise risk, improve efficiency, yield cost & customer benefits and facilitate informed decisions.

The days of lost information, poor version control and poor compliance are no longer acceptable. infoFINIUM can help organisations operate in multiple locations, supporting employees that work remotely, meet compliance requirements, reclaim office space, and solve a wide range of business problems. Many of our product features will enable companies—both small and large—to, boost productivity, increase profitability, and reduce overall business risks in a controlled manner.

Automate Workflow

Automate your information workflow processes for greater organisational efficiency and process governance. Features such as the workflow scheduler and timeline graph enables stakeholders to identify bottlenecks in processes and improve efficiency.

Locate Documents

Rapidly locate documents with an advanced search capability, and further narrow down results through an intelligent search function to increase productivity.

Document Upload

Easily upload documents to a secure cloud-based central repository through a drag and drop process enabling easy access to documents anywhere. Bulk data migration is able to be done through a desktop client.

User Adoption

Facilitating user adoption, the dynamic representation of a familiar business in-tray, enables users to gain a complete and comprehensive knowledge of their required workflow actions.

Role Based User Access

Role based user access enables management of user permissions and features enables workflow to be claimed by users who have capacity thus increasing company efficiency and ensures sensitive information is only accessible by users with correct permissions.


Apply a security setting at the information level, which is maintained throughout its lifecycle to ensure confidentiality.

Audit Trail

A full and comprehensive audit history of any action that has been carried out on a piece of information. The user’s name, the date & time, the action carried out, and a reason for this action are captured, and can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Mobile Interface

The infoFINIUM mobile app enables true working on the go. The mobile interface allows users to view, upload documents and action workflows through the app.


To enable faster searching and easy identification, you can add tags, keywords and reference numbers to your information.

Organisational Consistency

Maintain organisational consistency for easy identification of information, through configuring standardised folder structures and document types to ensure documents are easy to find.

Share Workloads

Dynamically share workloads between departments and users by mapping workflows to roles and claiming information.

Collaborative Workflow

Any user in an automated workflow will be able to view and respond to, the other information collaborator’s comments in real time. These comments are attached to the information for greater accountability.


Receive instant alerts and notifications via email on document uploads and workflows that need to be actioned.

Personalised User Preferences

User preference selection gives users a personalised experience based on their folder viewing preferences and dashboard layout.

Automated Versioning

Automated versioning provides efficient and consistent information management and ensures a single version of the truth.

Capture information

Capture incoming and outgoing information or process governance communication, such as approval emails or letters.